1) Skip container not to be moved from where positioned by us
2) No skip container to be filled in such a way it can be hazardous on the public highway whilst the container is in transit or stationary
3) No liquids loose or in a container may be placed in the skip container
4) No cans, bottles or liquid containers can be placed in the skip container unless open for inspection
5) No explosive, toxic or damaging materials to be placed in the skip container
6) it shall be the skip hirers responsibility for damage of any loaned skip
7) We accept no responsibility, liability for damage to the hirers’ property when delivering or collecting a skip container off the road
8) Under the highway act 1980 section 139. If a skip is placed on the highway, the hirer has sought permission from the local authorities and indemnifies Budget Skips for penalties arising from failure to obtain the said permit. The terms include the use of traffic cones during daylight and illuminated lamps during hours of darkness
9) If when disposing of your waste we discover any of the above prohibited waste in the skip container you will incur extra tipping fees
10) by ordering our services from this web site you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.
11) You may obtain a written copy of these terms and conditions by requesting one through the contact page