Here at Budget Skips, we offer a variety of methods to extract and dispose of your waste. These services range from domestic to commercial waste disposal. Whether you are renovating a factory or doing a clear out of a room in your home, we can offer the best services for you.

Tipper trucks and grab lorry hire are for large volumes of waste disposal. So, many businesses, new, or established make use of our service. The majority of our grab lorry and tipper truck hires have been for transporting materials from construction sites. Our trucks and lorries are able to handle a wide variety of materials, rough and smooth. Such materials may include; aggregate, crushed rock, soil, and other bulk materials.

Tipper Truck Hire

A tipper truck is a large truck that can hold volumes of waste, often carrying bulk items, as mentioned prior. Once we have arrived on-site, an excavator will grab the bulk items and begin piling them into the rear of the vehicle. Excavators help reduce fallout and reduce the amount of rubble left behind; when we arrive at the zero-waste landfill or your alternative destination if you just needed the materials transporting. The body of the truck is pivoted at the back, then hydraulic arms will raise the front end of the body, allowing the textiles will slide out. The tipper truck will drive forward allowing, a mound to be created, allowing you easy access to your materials.

Grab Lorry Hire

Grab lorries are very similar to the standard tipper truck; however, the body does not pivot. A hydraulic arm that is attached to the vehicle will grab the waste and place it in the rear of the truck. The truck body also knows as the bucket is able to carry bulk items with ease. It works similarly to an excavator but puts the two pieces of machinery into one. This is particularly handy when areas of waste disposal are not accessible. Once the loading is complete, we will then dispose of the waste or transport it to another site for you.


Budget skips are PROUD to announce that in the last year we put 0% into Landfill. Not one ounce of your waste went into unsustainable disposal strategies

zero-waste landfill

If we dispose of the waste for you, we will take it to a zero-waste landfill. We are proud to announce that we have achieved zero percent landfill with our customers’ help. Saving the local environment and recycling as much as is humanly possible.

Let us be your choice of waste disposal, get in touch, and use our grab lorry and tipper trucks today!